Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium composite panels are extremely economical solution for building facades. Since panels are extremely light there’s there is no need for several fixation points which lowers the work and material cost. Besides easy installation and fixation a maintenance price is really low.

Aluminium Panels Are Available In Wide Selection Of Colours, Sizes And Shapes

We provide panels in a variety of sizes and shapes. Aluminium panels are appropriate for cutting, shearing, bending, punching, drilling and profiling. Although they are available in many sizes and shapes they may be cut to fulfill users needs. All alucobond panel come in several standard colours however a colour matching can be done to complement the color of the project image or company building.

Panels Are Highly Functional

There’s quite a number of aluminium cladding systems and panels from Alucobond, Vitrabond yet others. Most of them provide functional characteristics for example thermal, seem and wind insulation, earthquake safety and fire resistance. A number of individuals functional characteristics lower the power cost. Other funcionalities are that they’re anti-graffiti and simple to wash, resistant against corrosiion or being able to recycle. Since every panel is uniqw and particular we urge you to definitely call us for specifications of every aluminium composite panel.

Aluminium Is Corrosion Resistant

Aluminium materials and composites are pre-treated, meaning there is a protective coat that keeps them corrosion resistant. Even when aluminium panels were not protected they’d be corrosion resistant. Why? When aluminium is uncovered to air it makes a skinny layer of aluminium oxside which makes aluminium facades corrosion resistant. In case your building is situated in some extreme location a unique coat and special maintenance needs to be adopted to safeguard your aluminium composite panels.

Non-Combustible Material For Construction

Aluminium is classed like a non-combustible material for construction. When uncovered to he temperatures up to 600 degree Celsius aluminium melts but it’s not inflammable. Some facades had combustible thermo-plastic cores which had inclination to trap fire but they’re banned in just about all countries. Within our GM Tower project we used an Alfrex non-combustible aluminium composite panels. It uses non-halogen material because the core material. As a result it’s an eco-friendly construction material that does not generate toxic gas in case of the fireplace.

They were our top 8 reasons why you need to think about using aluminium composite panels. Was this useful? Have you ever maybe made the decision to set up composites in your facade? Do you want some talking to relating to this subject, project management software, design, instalation or fabrication? As industry leaders with more than 15 experience we guarantee 100% quality installing of all of our cladding systems.