Painting Aluminum Siding

Painting aluminum siding is very simple. The secret for this project is to figure a method to produce a layer of color which will exist together using the old grime that’s already on the website. First you will need to obtain the panel cleaned. You will need to remove whatever paint residue may still perform the panel. Make use of a very stringent thinner or similar solution. Have a sponge and intensely rub the panel aluminum panel alucabond.

If you wish to absolutely drench the panel within the thinner, you can test this, but be cautioned: this is extremely toxic. You are able to spill a gallon of thinner right into a pale. Before getting began with even opening the thinner, make certain to obtain your safety equipment up as well as on first.

You will need rubber mitts-the type which go to the elbow. You need to be covered/outfitted from mind to foot-no switch flop slippers. You will need a breathing filter/instrument or perhaps a gas mask-the stuff is toxic to inhale. Please this before you begin by having an open canister of paint or paint thinner. After you have your safety equipment on, proceed using the open canister of paint thinner. You are able to have a rag and completely submerge it-dunk it-in to the thinner, then apply and brush lower the panel.

Later on, you will get thinner everywhere, so be ready for that. You won’t want to do that as the panel’s still around the house. If you are attempting to paint the aluminum panel while will still be around the house don’t use this method. The method of me is to used a thinned oil base primer.

You should use the primer from the panel as the panel’s still affixed towards the house. Before you decide to do that, you’ll still need clean, wash and dry the panels however. So go about carrying this out for the whole house. Don’t absorb it pieces. You may as well obtain the whole home cleaned and dried before you decide to go about to color. You will want to make use of a high power of some great detergent. Some stores for do it yourself for example Lowe’s or Lowe’s will carry specific soaps with this very explicit purpose.

Whatever soap you’re going with-just make certain to make use of some good sense here, I am talking about you will not desire to use hands soap, dish soap, or clothing wash detergent for example Tide-you need to proceed with washing the house. You need to be abrasive, however, you don’t always desire to use a higher water pressure unit to wash from the aluminum.

Following the first panel, you may realize that some of the paint comes of-in small pieces-this really is natural. It’s not necessary to be worried about this. The paint can come off, let it appear naturally. Actually, fix it out until there is not any paint left. You will not need to see any chips or anything like this concerning the part of the panel. After you have completed one panel, you are able to proceed to another. Complete this method until you have finished the whole house. Each panel must take one to three days to dry up. You will need to schedule this project around a weather forecast. You will not want mist or morning dew to restart your drying process.