Profit From Secret Keyword Data Served Up by AOL Gaffe

Website marketing scores a secret brains coup. In late July AMERICA ONLINE mistakenly released information about something like 20 million keyword searches produced by its subscribers on the AMERICA ONLINE network. More specifically the data provided us an inside look at the research patterns of around 658, 000 AOL users more than a three-month period. These lookups represented 1/3 of 1% of all keyword searches about AOL during that period. Before getting put off by the supposedly tiny sample size you should be aware that a lot of major media polls have fininshed with samples of 1, 000 subjects. The brouhaha within the release concerned privacy concerns – some searches have been for user names. One or more search term was for “how to murder my wife” along with the usual suspects with porn and party medications. The data confirms what we just about all seemed to know anyway : that people will use the internet to find information on absolutely anything and everything beneath the sun.

One way to look at the api google search is to use the assurance that the engines like google provide almost unlimited chance of internet marketing. If you can think of the idea, whatever it may be, somebody will probably be searching for it. Of course it does not mean that every niche will be equally profitable or even you can make any money from every single niche, but it should supply enough incentive for web marketers to get and stay imaginative. Perhaps more revealing than AOL users were trying to find was how they searched for the item. Almost 92% of these structure searches began and concluded on the first organic search webpage served up by AMERICA ONLINE. 92% of anything has become a proportion. About 4 1/2% ended their search on the next page, and 2 1/4% ended their search on another page.

What are some of the ramifications in terms of numbers? Say you happen to be targeting a keyword that will gets 10, 000 visits a month, not exactly an imprecise niche. 9, 200 of the people searches will not get above the first organic search page. 435.00 of those searches will not acquire beyond the second page, and also 225 will not get further than the third page. The other beneficial piece of secret intel we have from AOL is that practically 50% of all clicks particular organic search pages went to the most notable search position. About 13% went to the second search placement, and about 9% went to your third search position. The remaining ticks were distributed more or less just as on search positions throughout the rest of the page.

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